We will launch our satellites with D-Orbit

Three launches per year starting in 2023

Apogeo Space satellites will reach space in 2023 and will create a complete constellation by 2027. The goal is to provide connectivity and services for the Internet of Things (IoT). Through these picosatellites it will therefore be possible to connect various devices to the internet, wherever they are.

For the realization of this project, in May 2023 Apogeo Space obtained a 5 million € of financing, thanks also to the participation of Primo Space fund. Subsequently, in September, the company obtained a loan of €262,000 from ASI to carry out the PiCO-IoT (Picosatellite Constellation for Internet of Things) project.

Thanks to this all-Italian agreement, the Italian company based in Brescia city is guaranteed qualified access to the space, on board the D-Orbit conveyors.

D-Orbit is a company based in Fino Monasco (Como, Italy) that manages services for the transport into orbit of small satellites, cubesats and even experiments that can be mounted and managed directly by ION, the company’s first conveyor.

D-Orbit render of ION satellite carrier

D-Orbit is a company very close to us. This give us a logistical advantage that will even, on some occasions, allow us to deliver our satellites without leaving the country. From a strategic point of view, with this partnership we are strengthening an all-Italian space supply chain, further demonstrating the great competitiveness of our country in this sector.

Guido Parissenti, CEO and co-founder of Apogeo Space

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