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Apogeo Space is an innovative Italian startup established in 2015. We are focused on building the first private Italian satellite constellation in LEO (Low Earth Orbit), to provide affordable IoT telecommunication services all over the world, connecting low power and low data rate devices located in remote or poorly connected areas.

In 2016, we expanded our activities to include the development of space hardware solutions, leading us to design and manufacture our own product line of picosatellites.
In 2022, we received a 5M€ round of financing from Primo Space, the first Italian Venture Capital on the space economy business.

We want to support companies outside the space industry in entering the space market. To help them facing this huge challenge, we have developed a proven consulting and management plan with grants/projects for ASI, ESA and NASA, often in collaboration with major research institutions including INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics), INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), Brera Astronomical Observatory, Bologna Astronomical Observatory and Milan Polytechnic University.


Apogeo Space Manifesto

Passion is the driving force behind every member of our team, and we couldn’t be prouder of their dedication and commitment. We believe actions speak louder than words, so we’ll let the video do the talking. Take a moment to watch our video manifesto to learn more about who we are.

IoT connectivity everywhere with Apogeo Space picosatellites

Newspace technologies for new and ordinary applications

We want to develop newspace technologies and integrate them into existing ordinary applications and businesses, empowering every kind of business to do extraordinary things.

By democratizing access to satellite communication, we aim to break down barriers, create opportunities for small businesses in their own industry field.

Our mission is to enable a future where everyone can benefit from the endless possibilities offered by these advanced technologies, driving positive change in quality of life.

The power of IoT satellite connectivity and data communication for businesses

Our picosatellites provide an advanced platform for collecting and transmitting data from various industries, including oil & gas, power line infrastructure monitoring, maritime, research, wildlife tracking, agriculture, and livestock management.

By utilizing our cutting-edge technology, businesses can access a wealth of data for more detailed decision-making, push them to achieve unordinary outcomes and drive innovation in their respective fields.

What Made in Italy means in our field

Each creation is meticulously handcrafted to perfection, with precision and attention to detail, typical of the Italian craftsmanship quality and innovation.

  • Craftmanship
    Handmade assembled and tested in our cleanroom/TVAC in Brescia
  • Expertise
    Current largest supply chain in Europe for small sat
  • Creativity
    Our proprietary technology
  • Heritage
    Italian tradition in aerospace
  • Materials quality
    100% italian supply chain

Road to 2027

We have ambitious plans for our picosatellites, from 2021 until 2027, the goal date for achieving the complete potential of our constellation.


FEES technological demonstrator is successfully launched


FEES2 technological demonstrator is released from the International Space Station


The first batch of 9 picosatellites of IoT infrastructure has been launched


Picosatellites IoT infrastructure will be fully operational with 32 satellites


Picosatellites IoT infrastructure will be completed with 96 satellites (continuous coverage)

Our Team

A forward-thinking crew

In Apogeo Space we work and collaborate with passionate people. We are the first private Italian picosatellite constellation company for IoT connectivity, committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the space industry. We all aim to make a meaningful impact on the way connectivity and data collection are experienced globally.

Guido Parissenti

Co-Founder & CEO

Primo Attinà

Co-Founder & CTO

Franco Amisano

Support Program Manager

Donato Brusamento

Embedded System Engineer

Romeo Casesa

Program Manager

Roberto Maurizio Colombo

Electronic Engineer

Jacopo Fabbri

Mechanical & Configuration Engineer

Stefano Fontana

Ground Segment Infrastructure Engineer

Lilith Grassi

PA/QA Engineer & Project Manager

Alberto Guglielmone

Head of Marketing & Business Development

Ludovica Malagni

AOCS & Satellite Configuration Engineer

Gianfranco Manfredini

Electronic Designer

Giulio Morelli

Space System Manager

Swarnajyoti Mukherjee

Market & Business Strategy Professional

Laura Nicoli

Administration and Procurement Manager

Simone Piani

AOCS & Satellite Configuration Engineer

Vanessa Pietta

Marketing & Communication

Giulia Pompeo

Business Developer

Guido Zucchini Solimei

Senior Communication Advisor

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Picosatellite is our solution

A constellation for IoT connectivity and data communication

The possibilities of IoT connectivity are vast, from monitoring oil & gas or power lines infrastructures to aiding in maritime or wildlife research and collecting crucial data for agriculture and livestock management.

Our picosatellites offer more than just a single satellite: a 96-sat constellation providing an extensive stream of data that allows for more detailed decision-making.