IoT connectivity and space solutions here to help you

Collect and transmit more data at a lower cost, for more detailed and informed decision-making for various applications.

IoT connectivity solutions: IoT everywhere for everyone

We grant connection and data collection to all IoT devices

Dozens of billions of IoT devices are set to take over the world, but it turns out many of them are already disconnected and lonely.

It’s a pity, isn’t it?

Luckily comes Apogeo with its picosatellite constellation.

How do picosatellites work?

More IoT devices. More contact opportunity. Better decisions.

Monitoring oil & gas or power lines infrastructures, huge help in maritime or wildlife research, collecting more and more data for agriculture and livestock.

It’s all possible thanks to IoT connectivity.

Our picosatellites provide you the connectivity you need, enabling more detailed decision taking.