What are picosatellites?

Picosatellite constellation for IoT connectivity and data communication

Our technology consists of a constellation of cubesats, ready for private launch and space projects. Specifically, each of these cubesats measures only 10x10x3 cm and weighs less than 1 kg each, thus falling into the picosatellite category.

Picosatellite constellations, with its IoT capability, can be easily deployed for data retrieval missions, providing key information especially in the agriculture, oil & gas, infrastructure monitoring and environmental industries.

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Data retrieval: size doesn’t matter

How many times have you thought you need more data?

In the World, 1 out of 1000 IoT devices are permanently or intermittently out of connection because of:

Remote lands with no connection

Cross-borders operations

This lack of connectivity is a severe problem in markets that need private and secure data transmission.

Since no connection means being blind and deaf to your livestock, your planting or anything else you need to monitor miles away.

Why use picosatellites and how they work

We offer a worldwide and secure reliable satellite data collection for IoT devices

Once completed, the constellation will be constituted of almost 100 picosatellites, designed for space projects.

With its advanced IoT communication capabilities, picosatellite can be easily deployed in dedicated missions for data retrieval, making it a valuable asset in industrial domains such as tracking, agriculture, monitoring, and wildlife preservation.

Everything with high level encryption for secure communications

~100 10x10x3cm

picosatellite constellation


IoT band


telecommunication security level

Long-life battery


Constellation unity is a huge strength

The global coverage provided by the picosatellite constellation is essential to unlocking the true potential of this technology.

By strategically positioning these satellites in space, they can offer frequent data collection and faster transmission to the ground.

As a result, IoT devices around the world can benefit from the extensive coverage provided by the picosatellites.

15 launches

From 2023 to 2027

96 picosatellites

Continuous coverage

Tons of data


More launches for more contact possibilities

Apogeo Space intends to launch numerous satellites to provide worldwide IoT data retrieval services.

This deployment of our picosatellites can increase the frequency of contacts as compared to a single satellite, facilitating more comprehensive and knowledgeable decision-making for diverse applications.

A secure and reliable data transmission

Information and business value can be acquired from analysing data, finding trends and patterns thanks to a secure connectivity.

Our picosatellites implement a AES256 telecommunication security level.

Low power technology, long life battery

Our telecommunication technology is intrinsically low-power. That means we can apply battery to last a lifetime

As a result, new applications can now be supported by either battery power or solar energy exclusively.

How to connect your business to our picosatellite constellations?

Thanks to our modem, we provide a flexible integration into your hardware.

We offer you two options:


Purchasing a standard IoT modem from us, as the other providers.


We also provide a part list of off-the-shelf hardware components to connect with us, widely available from multiple producers and distributors

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Explore how they can provide valuable insights and increase efficiency in agriculture, oil & gas, farming and industrial sectors. Book a FREE package now and explore how our picosatellites will benefit your business.

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Who uses picosatellites constellations?

Many needs, one solution

Our picosatellite constellation provides key information especially in the agriculture, livestock, oil & gas industries but also in wildlife and maritime research.

That glacier wants to move around

You can track it thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity.

In the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

You can know that thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity

The buoy in the North Sea feels lonely?

You can check it thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity

That highway is really busy today

You can check what’s wrong thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity

Track your truck miles away

It’s possible thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity

Are there any water leaks? No, dam!

You can know that thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity

Everything fine with your pipelines?

You can know that thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity

Fred, your cow is hiding around?

You can track her down thanks to our IoT satellite connectivity

Italians do IoT better

Application examples of our picosatellite constellation for specific IoT needs and industries

iot satellite communication for agricolture


IoT in agriculture

iot satellite communication for cargo companies


Cargo companies

iot satellite communication for fire monitoring

Fire monitoring

Disaster prevention

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