Let’s start the collaboration with Momentus

The collaboration aims to launch 9 satellites into space. The constellation will start its activity in the second half of 2023.

Momentus, a US-based company providing orbital transportation and space infrastructure services, has signed an agreement with Apogeo Space for the provision of transportation services.
The goal? To create the first Italian private telecommunications constellation for the Internet of Things (IoT). This involves a network of physical objects equipped with sensors, software, and other integrated technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

Specifically, Apogeo Space aims to build a constellation of picosatellites capable of providing connectivity to IoT devices on a global scale.

Want to know more on Apogeo picosatellites?

The delivery with Momentus represents the second batch of 9 satellites and another crucial step towards the creation of a network that will ultimately consist of 100 satellites.

We are excited to begin this collaboration with Momentus, which allow us to launch another 9 picosats shortly and to anticipate our roadmap for the realization of a global telecommunications service for the IoT. Since our first satellite deployment, data can be retrieved from IoT devices anywhere in the world. We expect to achieve full coverage by 2027 with nearly 100 satellites, with subsequent launches approximately every 3 months.

Guido Parissenti, CEO and co-founder of Apogeo Space

IoT satellites are a model of using space for the benefit of life on Earth. The use of the Momentus Orbital Service Vehicle is an efficient and effective way to support the development of large satellite constellations such as the Apogeo’s one. We look forward to supporting them as they work towards the full deployment of their constellation.

Chris Kinman, Chief commercial officer of Momentus

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